Security Systems

Alarm Receiving Centre

Many of the systems that BLE Security install are capable of being remotely monitored off site by a dedicated 24/7 alarm receiving centre (ARC).  When the ARC receives the alarm signal a predetermined set of actions are carried out. For intruder alarms with a unique registration number this would be to notify key holders and request police response.  For a fire alarm system this would  notify key holders and request brigade attendance. However, the services of the ARC can be used for other functions such as monitoring critical equipment on site for example fridges, should there be a rise in temperature or failure of equipment the ARC could notify the maintenance company. Also viewing CCTV images or operating gates and barriers out of normal working hours. Making use of the 24/7 facilities of an ARC can very often prove to be a very cost effective alternative for managing a site out of hours. BLE Security are able to provide monitoring across many different platforms please contact us to discuss the options.