Security Systems

Chesterfield Hospital | Healthcare- System Integration

Project Overview

To meet the NHSLA requirements, managers at Chesterfield Hospital were looking for an effective solution to help them lockdown the A&E department in the event of an infectious disease alert, terrorist attack or other dangerous incident.


"Lockdown" is the process of controlling the movement and access, both entry and exit, of people (including staff, patients and visitors) around an NHS site or other specific trust building or area in response to an identified risk, threat or hazard that might impact upon the security of patients, staff and assets or indeed, the capacity of that facility to operate.  A lockdown is achieved through a combination of physical security measures and the deployment of security personnel.


Partnering with Assa Abloy ARX system the lockdown was achieved in conjunction with LED warning indication, CCTV identification and intercom systems around the A&E areas.  The system was tested and passed by the NHS trusts governing body.