Security Systems

University of Nottingham | Education - Upgrade

Project Overview

The University of Nottingham is renowned for its research innovations.  Its system to control access to its facilities no longer reflected its committment to excellence in the advancement of technology.  Over the years the University acquired several systems for access control, each with their own card technology which was difficult to maintain, time consuming, expensive and complex.  The University decided that it needed to switch to one single access control platform and upgrade to using one single card for the whole University.


Working closely with Nedap as an advanced partner, BLE Security through indepth discussions introduced the AEOS system to the University of Nottingham.  This system provided all the functionalities that the University was looking for.  It can operate different locations from one central point and the systems open architecture allows the use of both existing and new technologies.  The replacement of 40,000 cards was logistically a challenge, but with the cooperation of the University this was also successfully achieved.  BLE Security continue to service and maintain this prestigious site.