Security Systems

Crawley & Horsham Hospital | Healthcare - Secure Lockdown

Project Overview

In response to NHSLA requirements to undertake a risk profile of lockdown procedures, BLE Security were invited to attend a meeting with the hospital's security team as they wished to explore the technologies available to enable them to adhere to the new legislative requirements.


"Lockdown" is the process of controlling the movement and access, both entry and exit, of people (including staff, patients and visitors) around an NHS site or other specific trust building or area in response to an identified risk, threat or hazard that might impact upon the security of patients, staff and assets or indeed, the capacity of that facility to operate.  A lockdown is achieved through a combination of physical security measures and deployment of security personnel. 


Partnering with Nedap the solution provided was to secure all doors that covered the main access areas within the hospital.  With the flexibility and scalability of the AEOS system the trust security team decided to transfer total control of the security management to this platform.  The management of the lockdown policy, access control, security management and CCTV is now centrally managed over the entire estate.